Ernest Hemingway & Gary Cooper in Idaho: An Enduring Friendship Larry E. Morris Author
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An account of the decades-long friendship between the iconic author and the famed actor, with photos included.In the autumn of 1940, two icons of American culture met in Sun Valley, Idaho—writer Ernest Hemingway and actor Gary Cooper. Although “Hem” was known as brash, larger-than-life, and hard-drinking and “Coop” as courteous, non-confrontational, and taciturn, the two became good friends. And though they would see each other over the years in Hollywood, Cuba, New York, and Paris, it was to Idaho they always returned. Here they hunted together, waded through marshes, and hiked sagebrush-covered hills, sometimes talking and sometimes not, but continually forging a close comradeship. That bond sustained them through the highs and lows of stardom, through personal trials and triumphs, and from their first conversation to their deaths seven weeks apart in 1961. Here, historian Larry Morris celebrates the story of that unforgettable friendship.


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