Trade Like the Little Guy: How a small trader can consistently profit in the markets!, Second Edition L.A. Little Author
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Trade Like the Little Guy (second edition) takes the approach that the small trader is not like the large trader - they have a unique footprint. They are able to dart in and out of stocks easily and find that high levels of cash are safer in times of uncertainty rather than in safe stocks. Small traders have advantages and it is imperative that they use them. Trade Like the Little Guy informs the everyday trader on how to successfully build wealth over time in a methodical fashion. It starts with a current market thesis and then seeks to exploit opportunities in the market place with trading ideas that are congruent with that thesis. The book starts with a definition of a successful trader and then shows you how to become one. Emphasis is place on risk factors and risk management; trading tools; thesis creation and the formation of a trading strategy. Through the use of a real world trading example, the concept of Active Portfolio Management is shown to minimize risks while creating substantial rewards.


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