How Would Jesus Vote?: Do Your Political Views Really Align With The Bible? Darrell L Bock Author
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This eye-opening, non-partisan, and comprehensive look at what Jesus and the Bible can teach us about many of the hot-button topics of today’s political landscape “does not simply call us to think outside the box, but to think outside our bias” (Chip Ingram, author of Culture Shock). During every election year, we hear politicians on both sides of the aisle as well as religious leaders of every stripe claim to know—with absolute certainty—where Jesus and Christianity stand on their favorite issues. Jesus, of course, would vote exactly as they do. But would he? Examining some of the most contentious political topics of our time in light of Scripture and the teachings of Jesus, the end goal of this book is not to promote a particular point of view but to objectively portray what the Bible says on political and cultural topics. Darrell Bock intends to provoke a different kind of conversation—one where differences are heard and respect is shared, a conversation where we can disagree passionately yet dialogue peacefully.


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