Season of the Witch : Enchantment, Terror, and Deliverance in the City of Love by David Talbot
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The critically acclaimed, "San Francisco Chronicle" bestseller--a gripping story of the strife and tragedy that led to San Francisco's ultimate rebirth and triumph. San Francisco was the cradle of the 1960s, but also its coffin, giving rise to the Zebra and Zodiac killers, Jonestown, the assassination of Harvey Milk, and the AIDS epidemic. And yet San Francisco not only rose from the wreckage of the 1970s, but developed a live-and-let-live tolerance that influenced the entire country. David Talbot, founder of the San Francisco-based web magazine "Salon," is uniquely poised to tell his iconic city's story in all its terrible glory. "Season of the Witch" comes to life with jaw-dropping scenes and a cast of characters that includes the Grateful Dead and Jefferson Airplane, Charles Manson, Patty Hearst, the Cockettes, the Hells Angels, Harvey Milk, and the mercurial 49ers coach Bill Walsh. It was with the help of the 49ers, a grab bag team of misfits who mirrored the city itself, that San Francisco gradually reclaimed its spirit. As Talbot writes, "San Francisco values did not come into the world with flowers in their hair--they were born howling, in blood and strife." This is the wild story of the people and events that shaped the city that continues to shape the nation.


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