Live And Let Live William A Jeffries Author
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Little Billie Schultz was born to a poor, religious Catholic family with five brothers and a sister. They went to church every Sunday and religious day, and prayed before and after meals, and evenings when his mother declared, The family that prays together, stays together. Billie learned the differences between right and wrong and steadfastly adhered to his teachings. However, the Churches themselves became a quandary that his curiosity could not comprehend. He excelled in his new job and left on an extended tour of Europe which opened his eyes to a new culture and history that took him away from a Universal obsessional neurosis (Sigmund Freud) and led him to a philosophy of Live and let live. When he found an opportunity to go into his own business, he went in with both feet to make an honest living with three partners who had different ideas. Adamson, a university graduate was on a path of debauchery and deception. Through the financial and alcoholic weaknesses of Wormald and Carter, Adamson drew them into the mire. Wormald got caught with his fingers in the till and was given a farewell parting fit for a king to keep Wormald's mouth shut and to help Adamson fight his battles. Shultz found himself in a five year battle with Adamson who engaged the assistance of a murderous, thieving gang of businessmen, accountants, lawyers and doctors. Bill's wife, traumatized by it all, succumbed to cancer and Bill resolved to dedicate every last fibre of his existence to have the gang outlawed.


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