Ghost in the Storm: What was on the beach that stormy summer Night? Lea Vargas Author
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Jena Tasley lives with her grandparants in southern California. School has ended and now that its summer, Jena has time to go out with her friends. One night, Jena snuck out after being stuck inside all day. While she's out, she meets a strange boy who she knows is hiding something. When her friends, Lizzie and Todd, discover what happened that night, they all go searching for this mysterious boy. They're shocked to learn that the boy is a ghost named William. Soon, they befriend him and try to help William discover what happened in his past, two hundred years ago. While they do so, someone is trying to stop them from uncovering the truth that William is stuck and unable to go home. Now, Jena has to keep her friends and herself safe while helping William at the same time before things get too out of control.


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