Henry's Secrets Margaret Van Coops-Rogers Author
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Meryl Jones, a strikingly beautifulAfrican-American woman, has successfully established herselfin the competitive world of advertising. She is a singlemother of a twenty-year-old daughter, Julie, who isembarking on a professional singing career. Her dreams andexpectation of becoming a partner in Henry Wiggins'advertising agency are dashed as Meryl learns of the suddendeath of her mentor. Henry has died. Suddenly the worldchanges and a shocking stream of events and revelations turnher life upside down. As Meryl delves deeper into thetangled net of intrigue, murder, romance and mystifyingdetails, she is lost in a dizzying swirl of new discoveriesabout her own background and the maddening connectionsbetween Henry Wiggins and each of her associates. Merylmust sift through new developments like a detective. As thefacts unfold, the story careens to a surprising climax... aweb of secrets spills out changing everyone's livesforever... some for the better and some... well... Inthis gripping mystery, Margaret Rogers Van Coops makes herexciting debut into the fascinating world of fiction toexplore the human psyche from a different perspective. Whatwould you do with a large inheritance? Who would you trust?Who would you avoid? How far would you go to unravel thedeep secrets of your past.?


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