The Whole Message of the Bible in 16 Words - by Chris Bruno (Paperback)
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About the Book This accessible overview of biblical theology traces the development of sixteen key themes from Genesis to Revelation, showing how each theme contributes to the one main storyline of Scripture. Book Synopsis 16 Key Words. 1 Overarching Message. At the heart of the Bible is one overarching message: God saving his people through their promised Messiah. This accessible introduction to the main point of the Bible traces the development of sixteen key themes-- creation, covenant, kingdom, temple, judgment, and more--from Genesis to Revelation, showing how both the Old and New Testaments come together to declare a single unified message. A concise primer to biblical theology, this book helps readers trace God's unfolding plan of redemption throughout the Bible. About the Author Chris Bruno (PhD, Wheaton College) serves at Trinity Christian School in Kailua, Hawaii. He previously taught Bible and theology at Cedarville University and Northland International University and served as a pastor at Harbor Church in Honolulu. He is the author of several books, including The Whole Story of the Bible in 16 Verses, and the coauthor of Churches Partnering Together: Biblical Strategies for Fellowship, Evangelism, and Compassion.



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