Silent Think Time: How to Bring Virtues Back into Our Home, Schools, Counseling and Work Karen Zalubowski Stryker Author
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SILENT THINK TIME (STT) describes positive thinking, scientific body energy studies, breathing and physical exercises, ego release, Qi, chakras, Quantum Mechanics, and shows you how to set up a STT room, as well as sayings, poems, and affirmations. STT is a meditative practice for children and adults, drawing on Eastern thought and other spiritual beliefs. By applying these lessons, you can help change the quality of our homes, education, workplaces, institutions and organizational systems. Technology has advanced thousands of times faster than our true understanding of ourselves. The result is a greedy, violent world filled with emotionally numb, chronically sleep-deprived, ill-fed, and imbalanced people. SILENT THINK TIME can help you, as well as your spouse, children, students, coaches, clients, employees, veterans or inmates learn to behave in ways that are positively centered, emotionally balanced, peaceful, respectful, polite, self-controlled, patient, and understanding. Doing STT daily lessons will fuel a loving sensitivity toward others, serene composure, clearer thinking and a blissful enlightened mood. By reestablishing your intuitive self, STT keeps its practitioners positively motivated toward the correct pathways in life, through self-discipline, self-control and being in control of our own body healing. If adults and children practiced STT in all aspects of our world, we could redirect our entire society emotional firefly, constant strobe light, noise chatter motion. It would teach us the inter-connectivity and interdependency between all living things. We can master a life free from worries, doubts, fears, resentments, anger or shame, through physical and breathing exercises, and a positive mindset to lead us from restlessness to peace, desires to contentment, and ignorance to wisdom. Karen Zalubowski Stryker earned five college degrees: two in education, psychology, computer science and art; and seven teaching endorsements; and taught grades K-12, most of the time in the high school. Karen's additional careers were systems analyst, co-owner of RV, Tent and Cabin Resort, and co-owner of the first video store west of the Mississippi. She is a writer, poet, painter, silversmith, home builder and creator of large tile murals. She hikes, does art shows, and has traveled in many countries She has lots of stories to tell of her backpacking, hosteling adventures and living with families in some of the 42 countries she has traveled to. She tries to do ½ hour of SILENT THINK TIME twice daily after doing 15 minutes of exercises.. Note the unfinished bottle building photos mentioned in Set Up An STT Room chapter.


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