It's Big, Evil and Out to Get You!: How Half Truths, Full Lies and Scare Tactics Shape The Political Landscape Gilad Meiri Author
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Fact twisting and skewed agendas have always been a substantial, sadly inseparable part of the way political rhetoric is exemplified on a global basis. This book, partly, is an attempt to shed some light on the way rhetoric misses reality by a mile. In addition, it is a somewhat incomplete summary of the global challenges that are shaping news bulletins near you. (Whether it's the volatile social paradigm in Iran, President Obama's attempts to be a global figure, the seemingly insolvable Israeli Palestinian feud, a slightly deeper look into the persona of America's 43rd President, A non hateful examination of government involvement in society and plenty more.)What are the perils of the current event trajectory and what are the promises that arise from said perils? Are we fearing the right things? Are we being sucked into a black hole, that is the obsession of the peripheral? Are our priorities straight? How did we get here? What's the way out?


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