The Coming Crash: How a House of Cards Will Fall as We Pull Out the Foundation Steven Doty Author
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Past performance does not guarantee future results isn't just a disclaimer, it is our future If you thought the survival of social security was a problem, consider: * The stock market is our new banking system, containing over half of all family assets * Baby boomers account of nearly one-in-three people * The market rise coincides exactly with increased demand by boomers * The tidal wave of retiring boomers after 2010 will cash in their investments to fund retirement What will be the effect on the stock market? What can we do to ease the blow? And, most importantly, what can you do to protect yourself financially? Detailed economic computer simulations, explained with common sense understanding, are used to study the impact of retiring boomers on our economic future. Both personal investment choices, and policy decisions are investigated to understand our range of responses Visit


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