Rebound: Why America Will Emerge Stronger From the Financial Crisis Stephen J. Rose Author
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Rebound takes the currently unthinkable view that the economy will bounce back faster and stronger from the downturn than most economists expect. Noted Labor economist Stephen J. Rose amasses data on the economic performance of America over the last 30 years to debunk myths about declining middle class incomes, burger-flipping jobs and global competition. He also describes the evolution of the financial crisis and mortgage lending implosion under the rubric of brilliant idiocy to show how the investors, financial firms, and regulators all made devastating mistakes in pursuit of quick gains. The book argues forcefully that simple financial regulation and forthcoming investments in education, health care and energy will pay quick and healthy dividends. Using economic analysis rather than partisan argument, Rebound cuts through the clutter of political debate to show how the economy will return to high growth rates.


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