The Bird Flu Pandemic: Can It Happen? Will It Happen? How to Protect Yourself and Your Family If It Does Jeffrey Greene Author
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Based on the recent avian flu outbreaks that have emerged into human populations, the World Health Organization now warns us that bird flu--if mutated into a supercontagious pandemic form--could visit millions of homes within two years.The Bird Flu Pandemic provides definitive answers to the questions on all our minds:- Should we be getting reading for a world catastrophe, and if so, what should we be doing?- Will masks help?- Should we feed our kids poultry?- Will we be able to go to work?- Will we be able to leave the house?- What about pets?- Just how bad could this get?Dr. Greene knows exactly what we need to do to keep our families safe, sane, and secure in the face of what is potentially an unprecedented and life-threatening worldwide scourge.


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