What You Should Know When Looking For A Job In Today's Marketplace Richard A. Wittmeyer Phd Author
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The Hiring Process: Yesterday versus Today Years ago it was fairly easy to find a new position. Search firms would call you with a position opening and you could take your time selecting between job offerings. Or, friends contacted you with tips that a company down the road was hiring and needed people with your skills. All that you needed to do was to update your resume from time to time and everything fell into place. Today we have a different situation: the marketplace is crawling with competition for those jobs. The time to sit back and think that a company will find you is no longer realistic. You need to put together a well-thought-out action plan to seek the job you want. This book will assist you in setting new goals and evaluating new career options. It will help you manage your job transition and employment campaign in a realistic, systematic, and organized way. What You Should Know When Looking for a Job in Today's Marketplace shares effective job search methods and a plan of action that will assist: • Those that are out of work and seeking employment. • Those anticipating a reduction in the workforce at their company and are out looking for other opportunities. • Military personnel returning to civilian life and are seeking employment. • College students just graduating and ready to enter the world of work. • People dissatisfied in their current positions and want to move on. • More mature job candidates that are out of work and not ready for retirement. • Those returning to the workplace after many years of absence. The book will assist you in setting employment goals and evaluating new career opportunities. It will help you manage your job transition and employment campaign in a systematic and organized way by providing you with the needed tools, skills, and knowledge that will ensure a successful outcome. Dr. Richard Wittmeyer relies on his thirty years of experience in talent acquisition, career and performance management, human resources, employment coaching and strategic organizational development in order to help others productively manage a job transition during these uncertain times. Job seekers will learn how to: • Identify their personal strengths and job accomplishments. • Design and implement a job search and networking strategy that works. • Construct and present a resume and cover letter that sells. • Target the job search through the use of solid letter writing and telephone campaigns. • Realize the importance of Networking and how to make it happen. • Make a great impression during the interview. • Develop an elevator speech that will identify you as a person of interest. • Accept the position that you desire. • Settle into your new job. • Special Feature - Land that new job right after college. • Special Feature - Develop an employment strategy for those over 50. • And much more. Despite today's challenging times in the job market, there are still success stories happening every day as companies continue to look for talented people. The practical information and concrete examples included in this valuable field manual will help guide others to success by teaching a complete process that helps anyone take control of their employment future.


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