Consider Your Ways: Develop and Grow in Christ by the Power of God's Word and Through the Consideration of Your Ways Larry L Lambert Author
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Life consists of choices. We can choose to consider our ways and make the appropriate life changes or just accept that what happens in life (whether good or bad) is out of our control. No book or sermon can turn a life of mediocrity around without that person's decision to make a change. God's favor will never fall on the person whose ways are in conflict with His. God seeks the best for His children. Therefore, there is nothing that one person cannot do whose life is in harmony and agreement with God. A life of defeat can be turned into a life of victory! Consider Your Ways, change what's needed and begin a life filled with power, dedication and the favor of God. Larry L Lambert * * * With spiritual insight, Godly wisdom, and genuine concern for the body of Christ, my good friend, Larry Lambert has produced in Consider You Ways a unique book. This book is comprehensive and solidly scriptural. It is written with passion and it provides valuable insights and clear understandings of living a Purposed Life. Thanks Larry, you have put together a book that can help transform, motivate and give people understanding to living the way God has intended. If you want to be challenged and changed, this book is a must read. -Chris Browder, pastor Saints Delight PHC


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