So This Is The Good Old United States of America!: An Ordinary Man's Extraordinary Fifty Fantastic Years in America! Ricardo Saclote Morada Author
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The man came out of the blue. He was a Filipino-American who visited our village in Southern Philippines, a soldier in the US Army who fought the Japanese in Leytejust before the surrender of the Japanese Imperial Forces in the Philippines. He was a former resident of the village who left for America when he was on his early teens. He came to visit but left an indelible mark on the young people's mind about America, the land of opportunity; America, the melting pot of all nations; America, the beautiful. This book recounts the author's fifty odd years adventure in America. It tells of the stark reality of life among the poor; the uncertainty of life among the laboring class; the hardship of stoop labor, earning from the sweat of thy brow. In contrast to this background, the author tells of the life of a professional in America. This book also tells the stories about the American people, the nature of college life; the lifestyle of the rich, the coeds, the fraternity boys. The author recounts briefly some romantic episodes of a young man in a strange country and people. The author was caught in a maelstrom of social, economic and cultural upheavals in America, including global conflicts.


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