An Itty Bitty Murder on the Way to Long Lane: A situational Comedy S C Kirk Author
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This is the story of two young men finding their way in the world. It isn't the easiest thing when you either don't have the money or the know how to do it. All these boys had was determination and a higher power to guide them. How else could someone get into so many situations and come out unscathed, and the better for it each time. This book is about learning to do what's right, the strength to overcome all odds despite your circumstances. The most important thing is it doesn't matter where you start, it's where you end up that counts. These boys find out humility is what makes us all stay grounded, and thinking too much of yourself never gets you far. The thought of judging others is out of the question because no two people go through the same experiences or learn the same lessons, you simply make the most out of every journey.


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