The Singapore Plotters Donald S Lawson Author
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This book The Singapore Plotters is a true story it really happened, and, if anyone told me that I was gullible, and that I would fall for this destructive scam, I would not believe it. Until you have read this story you will not understand. Here is a synopsis of what the scam is about. It began with the following: My name is xxx xxxx and I work for the Bank of China in Singapore. I am the head of Internal Audit department. While we were conducting the audit system check for the last year, I came across investments accounts that have been dormant for many years. All accounts belong to the same person and the monies total about £9,000,000 -- Nine Million British Pounds. The funds have been lying dormant for almost 25 years and your last name and country of origin is similar to that of the late investor. Due to the short time frame we have on this I have asked a colleague of mine coming to the UK to deliver this letter to you. Banking regulations require me to notify our regulatory bodies when making our yearly returns about these dormant accounts once they have been dormant for 25 years. The 25 years of these accounts should become due at the end of April 2005. The account holder was British and after extensive enquiries by me I discovered that the Investor migrated to Hong Kong in May of 1967 and died in Indonesia in October 1988.


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