Words of a Servant: Volume One Donald R. Small Author
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Words of a Servant is produced with the underlying assumption that the coalescence of academic and spiritual learning is a powerful, effective, and necessary weapon against the torrents of evil. Evil thrives upon ignorance, uncertainty, and apathy. Saints of God must empower themselves with knowledge of both the world and the Word of God as to render themselves worthy soldiers of Christ in the perpetual war of good against evil. Saints of God must arm themselves with an arsenal of worldly knowledge in close concert with a thorough understanding of things spiritual that they might foster well-rounded and significantly faithful relationships with Almighty God and their fellowmen. A thorough understanding of God's intent and purpose in our lives depends critically upon the status of our academic and spiritual training and indoctrination. A lack of academic knowledge may render even the most spiritually astute Saint vulnerable to the clever antics of the enemies of Christ. God wants His Saints to be ready at all levels to annihilate evil at its door step. He wants us to enrich our lives through the advancement of our knowledge and understanding of things of Heaven and of earth. Educating our minds academically prepares us for productive and satisfying careers in the world. Educating our minds spiritually completes the cycle, as we learn how to foster a personal relationship with Almighty God such that He may heap His blessings (worldly and otherwise) upon us as He so desperately desires. God has promised to fight the battles of the faithful in this world-to give us sanctuary from the snares of those who desire to do evil against us. An absolute understanding of this pivotal covenant of God has made with us, His faithful, requires both academic and spiritual intellectual coalescence. AMEN. Donald R. Small, Ph.D.


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