Dying To Live Seth B Williams Author
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In my last moment, I leave this world a better man, with a poem still in my heart and a pen resting in my hand.SETH B. WILLIAMSSeth Williams thinks in images and conveys them through poetry and prose. Since the age of 12 he's fallen in love with the written art. The love affair has lasted over 21 years. Being visually stimulated by his surroundings, he has a unique gift of painting portraits with words, inviting his readers on journeys through mindscapes that doesn't fall short of the human experience.Seth is passionate, requesting the reader to not only read, but think, feel. Embrace the inner response evoked from each word, verse and paragraph. The author writes to spark the thought process of a reader. If this is accomplished then these poems have fulfilled that purpose.Seth's determination to tackle inner change and social issues are dominant themes in this volume of work. He beckons each individual to look inward, find their soul or go mad trying to discover it. His nonconformist stance and defiance toward hypocrisy oils the machine. His convictions stand firm yet he still searches deep within himself for a spiritual center, hoping to discover fresh truths waiting to be plucked off his heart's vine. Through the joy, and the pain expressed in these verses, Seth is looking for something beautiful and realizes that it exists somewhere within himself and us.. Dying to Live.


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