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Drum roll. . .The question: What can occur when a nation adopts paranoia and religious fundamentalism as its new domestic and foreign policy? Answer: A new United States more in tune with Nazi Germany than with Martin Luther King Jr.'s vision of harmony. Freedom, natural law, and openness of society are all figments and fragments of a disjointed past in a new present government controlled by religious, corporate, and cunning powers. (Gasp) Judas, an isolated teenager, finds an interest in unearthing his cultural past and promises to save his brother from the battlefield in Asia. (Cookie monster) Adam, a disgruntled clown, turns his attention away from what others want him to do to what his heart desires. (Toilet seat) Eve, a journalist in a time when women are only allowed to cook and clean, finally gains the strength to fulfill her father's wish of becoming someone other than an average housewife. (Hurricane season) All three of these characters, stuck in an era influenced by paranoia, patriotism, and greed, must find a way to transform the America they fear to a nation their ancestors would have been proud of. . . (911)


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