The NewsBreaker: A Behind the Scenes Look at the News Media and Never Before Told Details about Some of the Decade's Biggest Stories Larry Garrison Au
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When it comes to high-level journalism, you're either in the know or you're out of business. Larry Garrison is in the know.Part producer, part storyteller, and part news broker, Garrison has made a living for twenty-five years by staying one step ahead of media powerhouses like CNN and FOX News. In an industry filled with sensationalism and a lust for ratings, Garrison gets to the source of breaking news and ensures that the media presents his clients' true stories. And what stories he has to tell.In The NewsBreaker, Garrison flings the door open on the biggest headlines in recent memory, providing never-before-released scoop on:Michael Schiavo's asking price for the story surrounding Terry Schiavo's deathThe controversy surrounding the Pentagon tragedy on 9/11The jurors who were persuaded to acquit Michael JacksonAnd much, much moreYou haven't heard the full story until you've heard Garrison's unique and gripping first-hand account of the news behind the news.I appreciate and thank Larry for his efforts in our search for answers in the disappearance of my daughter, Natalee! ?Dave Holloway, co-author, Aruba with R. Stephanie Good and Larry GarrisonLarry Garrison has been there for all the big cases?from Robert Blake to Natalee Holloway and Michael Jackson, he gets the scoop every time! The NewsBreaker is the ultimate ride for fans of high-profile criminal trials and anyone else who wants the story behind the story! ?Wendy J. Murphy, New England School of Law, CBS News Legal AnalystLarry has the nose and tenacity of a bulldog for finding controversial stories some might not want told, and others wish they could find. His story is a treasure trove of dazzling anecdotes and compelling tales that promise to grab your attention. ?Theresa Coffino, Executive producer, EXTRAKnowing Larry since my days with the White House Press Office, and working with him on major sweeps stories on Larry King Live has proven that he is a true journalist and a fine executive producer. ?Edward Lozzi, Beverly Hills Public Relations Executive, Former White House Aide


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