Memories of a Nobody James H. Austin Author
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Find out what it was like to grow up in rural, Southwest Louisiana in the late '4O's and early 50's, such as: How we made it without electricity What we boys did for entertainment What lots of families ate during those lean times Why most yards were grassless How we made our own toys Butcher a hog; make lye soap; scrub chairs Also, see what happened when a boy made a pet out of a young chicken, what happened when a boy's dog was lied about, and how the family milk cow changed the way a boy 'looked at things'. Go camping and fishing in 1950 and again in the mid 1990's and see how things have changed. Share some camping/fishing experiences that only happen once (thank goodness). Float down a winding, twisting creek channel with a boy and his Dad, share their biscuit sandwiches from a rust-spotted lunch bucket and listen in on bits and pieces of their long ago conversations. Watch the moon rise over a lake on a cool autumn evening; silently stare into a campfire, while being serenaded by hoot-owls and bullfrogs, until sleep takes over; then awaken to the sounds of nature greeting a new day.


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