The Magical Adventures Of Fred Potato-Head Michael Wendler Author
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It's not my fault. The words just seem to jump out of Fred's mouth time after time. The trouble is no one believes him. Once again Fred finds himself in the office of Ms. Loudypants, school principal. It isn't like he brought the newt into the class, he didn't! But getting his name on the Discipline Board is one thing, discovering a gnome hidden behind a door in the trunk in the basement, well, that's something else entirely!The Magical Adventures of Fred Potato-Head is a children's adventure story filled with silliness, laughter and heart-warming moments. It explores the decisions and dilemmas faced by a young boy trying to make sense of his world.and the magical one he accidentally discovers. This story is geared towards the junior reader (8 to 12 years) but is amusing for all ages. Children will quickly get caught up in Fred's world, and share a number of laughs, as he deals with all the strange and magical problems that come his way.


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