Erin Landers and the Phantom Peril of the Night by Cherrie' Ann Moses
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Thirteen-year-old Erin Landers is thrilled to continue her scientific research with her genetically altered plants on Zata III, a moon in the Corelian System. However, the garbled transmission from the Sector C base camp concerning mysterious disappearances and a creature that stalks the camp may jeopardize her experiments. The base-camp area is in a barren and hostile region with frequent severe ionized storms. Erin and her friends journey with a security team to discover the fate of the technicians and track the phantom creature. What they discover is the enslaving of a native race and the quarrying for the deep natural mineral deposits and core materials. The environmental exploiters intend to strip Zata III of its natural resources and leave the moon to break apart. Erin must find a way to stop the environmental criminals and save Zata III from destruction while bringing freedom to a peaceful native race.


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