The Deadly Assignment Stephanie Griffith Author
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Rick Dellinger, a marine biologist, has been called to one of the toughest assignments he has ever been given.  The only thing he knows is that several people have been killed while swimming in the coastal waters.  While on the assignment, he meets up with a fellow marine biologist and former girlfriend, Kelly Anderson.  Together they work with the help of two other marine biologists in pursuit of the most terrifying creature under the sea. The Deadly Assignment combines the best elements of the deep sea traditions, such as the Jaws series, The Deep, The Beast, Deep Blue Sea, and even Sea Hunt on 1950’s television.  It explores the uncanny horror of the beasts from beneath the waves, and our primeval fear of them.  The Deadly Assignment grabs readers by the limbic lobe of sheer fright, and squeezes them from page one.


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