The V-Files: The Truth is In Here Nelson Onit Vazqueztell Author
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In becoming a poet, I’ve noticed that I now pay strict attention to every detail around me. I used to take my surroundings for granted, and I didn’t always pay close attention to everything there was to notice. Welcome! Welcome once again to another book of poetry and to my wild, creative and imaginative mind. In this second poetry book I hope you find the stories much more interesting, the comedy much more refreshing and that the romance takes you to a few nostalgic moments of your own. You may notice that this second collection of my work is a little different to my first, TRUTH, COMEDY & POETRY for ALL, in that there are not as many love poems. This time around, I wanted to express a little more of my other sides instead of just the romance. So I decided, sure, there is still going to be plenty of ‘heart felt tales’ in here, but there will be more emphasis on the serious and comic aspects this time around. I also made most of the poems much, much shorter. I wanted to make sure there wouldn’t be constant thoughts of, Gee, this poem is a little too long and therefore I am uncontrollably daydreaming due to the length of this ‘study-hall’ of a poem. Then again, according to my test group, it seems that the long stories here are pretty good. But you can be the judge of that. The reason I wrote my first book was to get others into reading poetry and writing some of their own. However, the reason I wanted to write this second book was because I wanted to know that if I were to die tomorrow, I would leave something behind that could still make people smile or think. I wanted to create something that would last and be appreciated for generations to come. I wanted to leave behind a mark of my existence. And so here is my book. If you haven’t read my first book, well, I want to start over with a Hello. I am a fairly new poet and writer who will either make you think, laugh or say, My God this romantic material is going to come in handy for the next time I meet someone I like. Whatever the scenario, I just want to remind everyone that we all have three sides to us. We may not show all of them every day, but within all of us exists a serious side, a humorous side and a romantic side. In both of my poetry books I show my different characters, and then some. Especially, in THE V-FILES.


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