Ask And It Is Given - Audiobook, by Esther Hicks & Jerry Hicks
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In this unprecedented sit-down interview, Esther and Jerry Hicks relate their incredible story and introduce the Non-Physical group consciousness Abraham. Abraham explains the basics of the teachings, and answers a myriad of questions about every facet of living. Also included is a bonus segment from an Abraham-Hicks seminar cruise in which Abraham reveals the secret behind the best-selling video and book The Secret, which was originally based on Abraham's teachings, but from which Abraham was ultimately deleted. Finally, join Esther, Jerry, Abraham, and hundreds of attendees at a 2010 Art of Allowing workshop in San Francisco, where Abraham explains the powerful Vortex of Creation concept in detail and then answers questions from several guests seeking more clarity.Episode 1: An Introduction to The Teachings of Abraham-HicksEpisode 2: A Further Awareness of the Philosophy of AbrahamEpisode 3: Jerry and Esther's Continuing Joyous ExpansionEpisode 4: Abraham's Live Vortex of Attraction Seminar



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