Ahead of the Pack : Balancing Your Way to Personal Success in College by Josh Richardson
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Written for students by an actual student, Ahead of the Pack: Balancing Your Way to Personal Success in College is a must-have resource for any college or high school student preparing for a successful, balanced college experience. This unique text touches on every topic important to students from commencement through graduation Information on academics, social life, fitness and nutrition, and success after graduation is included and presented in a fun, easy-to-read format. Since balance is the key to leading an enjoyable and productive life on campus, sections on maximizing time and energy and goal-setting are included to help students find ways to realize their aspirations. Special features include profiles of real college students from all walks of life; advice from academic advisors, professors, and real-world job recruiters and managers; student quotes that provide quick, real-student perspectives; worksheets that challenge readers to take action with the information they've learned; information on fitness, exercise, and healthy eating; and much, much more. Written with all students in mind, advice appears from traditional four-year, community college, non-traditional, and commuter students. This book includes something for every student to be successful in college, and beyond.


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