Casinos in Dublin...My Crazy Ride - by James Foxby (Paperback)
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Book Synopsis This fictional story is about James Foxby, newly arrived in Dublin and finding work as a casino dealer. Here, confidentiality is taken to a whole new level. For this is no ordinary casino. And it appears that the laws of the land have no bearing or standing in the place. From drunken meetings with the general manager, the wild and unpredictable Herman Mink, to private blackjack games in a luxury hotel suite, James experiences some strange and fairly bizarre happenings. And he meets some quite extraordinary characters along the way. But he also comes to realise that a very sinister force is at work behind the scenes at the Green Bullion Club. And in the aftermath of him becoming caught up in an act of violence against a customer, the shocking truth about what happened makes him want to leave and not look back. However, once he begins an intimate relationship with one of the casino's customers, leaving the country is the last thing he wants. James has not felt this happy in some time. But soon dramatic events signal the end of his short spell in Ireland, and the subtle, yet ever-present threat of violence from his employer becomes too much to bear. James cannot help but wonder, after the goodbyes and well-wishes are over, if he will be allowed to simply leave. And even once he has begun his journey home, it seems that Herman Mink has one more trick up his sleeve to make him stay.



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