Pennsylvania Quaker Records - by Pennsylvania Society of Friends (Paperback)
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Book Synopsis If you are familiar with the history of the Quakers, you know they were persecuted and tried for their beliefs and non-conformity. And if you are part of the Quakers, then you likely have direct relatives or ancestors who suffered these persecutions. Whichever you are, you will find the records in this book interesting. The Pennsylvania Quaker Records contains birth, deaths and marriage details of the earliest Quakers. You will also find records of early monthly minutes. To put it simply, as far as Pennsylvania Quaker records go, this is likely all the records you'll ever need. This book doesn't just contain much needed records of the early Quakers and their activities, it's also the perfect way to trace your genealogy. The names (including changed ones), dates and marriage records are detailed enough to help you trace your ancestors. There are 210,000 Quakers in the world today. This book holds records of the Forerunners.



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