Queer Ghost Stories Volume Four: 3 Chilling Tales of the Paranormal Foxglove Lee Author
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Who needs sleep? Not you! You'd rather stay up late reading these spine-tingling ghost stories! In these three tales of the paranormal, queer characters encounter the supernatural… with blood-curdling results! Get ready for a fright with three stories from Foxglove Lee's Queer Ghost Stories series! In our first story, Devil at the Door, Jack and Ren never thought life could be so perfect. Perfect husband, perfect kids, perfect house. Life is beautiful… until a mysterious knock at the door sends chills down their spines. There's a dark force at work, and it's got murderous intentions. Can the men save their family before an evil entity destroys everything they hold dear? Debbie and her brothers were brutally murdered forty years ago. In our second story, Ghost Family Christmas, these ghost teens from the 1970s have nowhere to turn. They're trapped in the room where they were cruelly killed. They need help from today's teenagers if they ever hope to escape. Can the ghost teens find a way to reach out? Or will they be stuck in death forever? Lonely. Divorced. Disowned by her daughter. In our final story, Ghosts of the Living, Helle is spinning toward despair when a homeless girl brightens her life. Finally, she has someone to care about. Someone who needs her. Someone she can be a mother to. When a tragic event threatens to ruin everything, what lengths will Helle go to in order to keep young Giulianna in her life? Delve into three tales of the paranormal by Foxglove Lee… if you dare!


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