Anabasis, The March Up Country: The Epic Story of Cyrus and the Ancient Greek Military's Quest to Regain the Persian Empire's Throne (Hardcover) Xenop
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All seven books of Xenophon's chronicles, detailing his time as a Greek mercenary who famously relieves the Spartan army, are presented here complete with informative notes. Through this book, we learn much of the life of an everyday soldier in one of the ancient world's most iconic armies. A member of the Ten Thousand - a company of Greek soldiers led by the heroic general and leader Cyrus, Xenophon witnessed first-hand the campaign to seize Persia by force from Cyrus's own brother: Artaxerxes II. It is soon discovered that Sparta's army is stranded deep behind enemy lines, and must be rescued. Xenophon, as one of three commanders, leads the effort to make contact with Clearchus of Sparta and escort his isolated forces to friendlier ground where essential supplies of food are present. The great route of Cyrus and much of this history is enhanced by Xenophon's accessible and evocative style, informed by his excellent education as a contemporary of Plato and Socrates.


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