Mixed Identities, Mass Confusion - The Star Voyager Series Vol. 17 John B. Bolton Author
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RADM Buckton is in command of several DSEs that are still in Jestoid space trying to put an end to the pirate industry. When a pirate ship is located it's boarded, the crewmembers are taken into custody, Alliance citizens rescued and then the vessel is destroyed. Unexpectedly they receive a message from Crown Prince Konge of the Ponlonian Empire complaining about RADM Buckton and CAPT Gilbert's wish to bring harm to his empire. JT and Ed are surprised by this message because they've never heard of the empire, so they don't understand how they could have threatened it? In the meantime the Ponlonians send a new ship to the Auroch Empire to verify the rumor of the Alliance destroying the empire. The Ponlonians end up in a shootout with Aurochs, take casualties and pull their forces off the planet. At the same time Fleet Command sends a couple of ships to Ceneka, the Ponlonian home world to discuss the message and to straighten out whatever possible miscommunications there might have been.


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