World of Reading: This Is the Mighty Thor by Marvel Press Book Group
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The This is line of World of Reading early readers is designed to offer reluctant readers books they will want to read by featuring the origin stories of characters they love. Introducing The Mighty Thor! When the hammer calls to Jane Foster, she finds that she can't resist the pull of destiny. Torn between her obligation to be the hero the world needs and her own physical limitations, Jane will discover that heroism isn't just super powers--it's about doing what's right, even when it's hard. Learn how Jane Foster becomes The Mighty Thor in this 32-page origin story. Complete your Marvel World of Reading collection and get to know the origin stories for each of your favorite heroes! This is Spider-Man This is Black Panther This is Miles Morales This is Captain Marvel This is Black Widow This is Ms. Marvel This is Shang-Chi This is Thor This is Doctor Strange This is Falcon For readers ready for even more action and adventure, check out these Marvel collections: Marvel Storybook Collection 5-Minute Marvel Stories The Avengers Storybook Collection 5-Minute Spider-Man Stories Spider-Man Storybook Collection


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