Scoundrels Vs Deceivers - The Star Voyager Series - Vol. 16 John B. Bolton Author
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This novel is a myriad of stories woven into one novel. The novel has a honeymoon, EXEC Yllisium Organta getting released from the hospital and assigned to new duties, RADM Buckton making further inroads with the Alliance of Planets newest member, the Perseton Empire and other key personnel diving into new tasks with enthusiasm. Several top Jestoid officers are concerned about numerous Alliance warships near their empire, but once they find out why there are there their fears are greatly allayed. During the Perseton-Fleet Command joint training exercise a couple of Perseton Battlespheres accidentally cross the Jestoid border. That simple border incident has the potential to cause a war between the Alliance of Planets and the Jestoids, but tempers are calmed and the Alliance warshipshead Home after the exercises are completed. Yllisium reports for duty at R&D after release from the hospital and is ready to begin his new job with fervor.


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