Commemorate & Amalgamate - The Star Voyager Series - Vol. 15 John B. Bolton Author
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Fleet COM personnel become concerned when virtually indecipherable COM signals are picked up coming from an area near the Tolandoan and Jestoid Empires on Alliance Distress Channels. It appears the same signals are also coming from the Forbidden Zone (FZ), which in near the other empires. Later fleet COM center computers finally decipher enough to speculate that all 3 of the empires or zones could very well be under a well-coordinated attack. King Harald IX, the Tolandoan Monarch, placed a COM call to Pres Panzer of the Alliance, informing him of the plight they faced and requested military assistance. Panzer granted the request hoping it would lead to future treaties and even unification. While planning the military response to assist the Tolandoans, JT discovers who's behind these attack; he's infuriated. He informs FLTADM Smoltevski, offers and ultimatum to go to the attackers home world and destroy it. The Fleet Admiral informs Pres Panzer of this predicament and then the surprises come fast!


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