The Routledge Course in Business Chinese Qinghai Chen Author
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• Fourth-year language learning or above in preparation for real-life business situations各专业学生汉语四年级(或以上)适用 • Timeless business topics ranging from frequently occurring business activities, economic systems and phenomena, to issues of broad interest使用通用商务题材确保教材长期相对稳定 • Simulated real-world tasks connecting the classroom to China’s current economic developments through students’ own efforts组织大量以学生为主体的任务型实践活动 ,实现题材即时更新 • A focus on formal language style and business terminology 注重正式语体和专业词语的学习 • Summary of important features of Chinese with emphasis on language learning skills to cultivate self-sustained and effective language learners 归纳汉语基本特点,教授学习方法,培养自学能力


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