Defeating Drugs and Death: How to Stop Drug Addiction Anthony Ekanem Author
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If you, your loved one or someone else you know is undergoing difficulties with drug addiction, you know how destructive drugs can be to someone's life. However, if you are an individual or you know someone who has just started to use drugs, you might not be quite aware of the risks you may face once you become addicted to the drug. The best way to either avoid or treat a drug addiction is to be well-educated on the subject matter. You should get your information from a reliable source, such as this book, rather than from other drug users. This book will discuss the important points that will help you beat or avoid an addiction which could ultimately lead to death. A lot of people think that their addiction problem has no solution, or that it is impossible for them to change. This is not factual! With appropriate guidance, willpower, care, and the information in this book, you are on your way to living a drug-free life. Enjoy your reading!


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