A Kid Meets the Kid: A Ted Williams Novel Marcy McDonald Author
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It’s 1998, closing in on 1999. Austin Orr wants to be a pro baseball player more than anything in the world. Too bad he’s 56 lbs. and 4’6” as he starts 9th grade. Still, he thinks he can pull it off if he’d just grow—he’s started—and get some help. Ted Williams wants nothing more than to hit one more time in Fenway. Too bad he’s half blind, can hardly walk, and is confined to a nursing home with his son controlling who he can visit or even talk to. Even so, he’s determined to stand at home plate one more time before he goes to that great ball park in the sky. When these two meet, they form an unlikely bond. That Austin’s dad and Ted’s son ban them from seeing each other makes them all the more determined to continue with their improvised batting lessons. With the aid of Austin’s best friend (a nerdy artist/musician), a beautiful Russian immigrant, a cub reporter, and Austin’s sisters, they risk everything to make their dreams come true as both their lives unravel in this coming-of-age novel.


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