The No-Nonsense Guide To Earthquake Safety (Enhanced Edition) Jeffery Sims Author
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This book could save your life! The No-Nonsense Guide To Earthquake Safety (Enhanced Edition) is re-edited edition of the original guide designed to provide a comprehensive source for the latest research related to earthquake safety. Now in a larger size, re-edited, and additional appendices, the subjects covered include: a basic survey-level understanding of earthquakes; addressing long-held earthquake myths; how to be proactive in preparing for an earthquake; advice by government and professionals in the geological sciences on the best courses of action during an earthquake; the best shelter/courses of action during an earthquake; and how to remain safe after an earthquake has occurred. The Enhanced Edition also contains updated appendices that include a listing of government and charitable resources (for those affected by earthquakes), and the latest research regarding animal behavior & earthquakes, as well as the latest advancements toward creating earthquake detection systems.


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