Reverend Dumb Mike Scantlebury Author
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Britain is in the middle of a huge political upheaval. A Referendum has been called with a simple Yes/No question: should the United Kingdom stay in Europe, or cut links and float off into the ocean? Passions are running high and national security is at risk. Those charged with protecting lives and property, such as Mickey's unit, the WSB, are stretched to the limit, fighting existing terrorists as well as some new, unexpected threats. Meanwhile, the pressure from Europe is only part of the day-to-day problems, with interest from other international allies and rivals, like the USA and China, Japan and Russia. Captain Gibson, struggling to field a full team, is forced to press some of his desk jockeys into action, inexperienced people like his Deputy. Happily, he could be useful, though. He was at school in Hong Kong and met the Reverend Umh, now returned to the UK on business. If only Mickey was around more, all would be well.


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