On the Brink of Nuclear War: Cuban Missile Crisis - Soviet Union, Cuba and the United States Scott S. F. Meaker Author
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Note: This is a short history. During the 1950s, the big fear was nuclear war. From the Soviet Union’s perspective, having a communist stronghold so close to the American border was a dream come true. By the early 1960s, there was a strong undercurrent of tension between the Americans and the Soviets. Aside from the disastrous loss of life and dignity at the Bay of Pigs, something else happened. The line was firmly drawn in the sand. The world was on the brink of nuclear war. Scott’s Other Books: ***Unforgettable World War II: Aftermath of the Extraordinary Second World War. ***Unforgettable Vietnam War: The American War in Vietnam - War in the Jungle. ***Hitler's War and the Horrific Account of the Holocaust ***The Forgotten Heroes: Untold Stories of the Extraordinary World War II - Courage, Survival, Resistance and Rescue. ***The Forgotten Women Heroes: Second World War Untold Stories - The Women Heroes in the Extraordinary World War Two. *** This is a military history book***


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