Mysterious & Ominous - The Star Voyager Series - Vol. 4A John B. Bolton Author
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In Mysterious & Ominous, Pegasus and crew with a platoon of Force Recon Marines also on board are headed back to the EQ. Capt Buckton doesn't know why the Marines are on board and this make him very uneasy. When the Marine captain informs JT his 26 Marines can better protect his ship than Cmdr Gilbert's 300 security personnel he's really puzzled. However, when Pegasus and crew come face-to-face with the Translutens, possibly the most cunning, deceitful, evil and treacherous beings known to the Alliance, JT and staff understand the Marine captain's boasting. The Translutens are able to transport thru Pegasus' shields at will and when they do war comes with unequaled ferocity to the ship and her crew. Transluten warriors don't take prisoners, they kill everyone on sight. Their only goal is to capture any ship and steal its technology and Pegasus has what their after. Dozens upon dozens die on board the mighty Pegasus in this encounter because this big ship is a great prize!


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