Outlasting the Storm: A Guide to Annuities and Safe Retirement Strategies Phillip Wasserman Author
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Phillip Wasserman's book has been used to train over 8000 annuity salespeople and representatives. Amidst this precarious economic climate, investors are more uncertain than ever on the right avenues through which to allocate their retirement portfolios. Phillip Wasserman, one of the leading annuity experts in the country, has written this easy, practical guide for the everyday investor to understand annuities, a retirement income planning tool based on safety and security but often misunderstood. This guide provides the basics for retirees to approach their financial advisors while feeling secure in their understanding about the products. Many financial advisors have capitalized on the fact that their clients have either been uninformed or at least believed that the experts should make their investment choices for them. To the contrary, the reader should walk away from this guide feeling informed and empowered, with a greater degree of control over their own retirement.


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