The Epsilon Quadrant - The Star Voyager Series - Volume 2A John B. Bolton Author
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In this fast-paced novel, Capt JT Buckton takes his warship Pegasus into the EQ (Epsilon Quadrant). They are to be the first from the Alliance of Planets to ever venture there. Once in the EQ they discover two distinctly different civilizations at war with one another and as happenstance would have it, Capt Buckton and his crew become involved and get mired in a wild mess. It turns out Pegasus is the prize one of the civilizations is after. Plans are made and then changed, so new plans are made and they prove to be as worthless as the first ones. This whole venture seems to be nothing more than a meaningless escapade in futility. When any unexpected, but incredibly serious situation develops back home Pegasus and crew are recalled when the Alliance's President, Vice-President and several cabinet ministers are kidnapped. Pegasus and her crew are to help put down a rebellion and while enroute they unexpectedly run into a wall of enemy warships! The action and suspense is relentless and nonstop.


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