Interrogation and Litigation, the Nightmare - The Star Voyager Series - Vol. 10 John B. Bolton Author
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Both Capt JT Buckton and Lt Yato Assagio are facing charges that stem from the Polnon invasion of Styros and Logel almost a year ago. Lt Assagio, is facing murder and mistreatment of prisoner-of-war charges that come about because the media got wind of possible improprieties during the battle. The Alliance New Network, an anti-Fleet Command media giant, perverted the facts of the story to show how Fleet Command was nothing more than out of control warmongers, evidenced by the lieutenant leading a security detail that boarded a Polnon warship and the crimes she committed. Capt. Buckton is facing far less serious charges. His charges are serious enough they could put an end to his glorious career or get him a simple reprimand. Either way, Rear Admiral Wanizami, the man who brought the charges, did it to show he was a better tactician than JT Buckton. The ending is one nobody on Pegasus, especially Capt Buckton's command staff sees coming. Surprise after surprise is the name of the game!


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