Wolverine Epic Collection: Tooth and Claw - by Larry Hama & Jeph Loeb & Ralph Macchio & Scott Lobdell (Paperback)
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Book Synopsis The animal unleashed! Horribly transformed from a failed attempt to regain his Adamantium, a tormented and animalistic Wolverine teeters on the brink of going completely feral. Can the enigmatic assassin Elektra help him fight his way back from the edge? Mentoring Logan in the martial arts, she challenges him to re-forge his humanity -- and he'll need it when Onslaught rips the X-Men apart! Plus, when ninjas strike, Yukio and Amiko be targets in Japan! Wolverine must team up with Venom in a wild interdimensional adventure! And look back into Logan's long history -- from his post-World War II life in Japan, to his days as a spy alongside Carol Danvers! COLLECTING: Wolverine (1988) 101-109, 102.5; Wolverine Annual '96; Uncanny X-Men (1981) 332; Venom: Tooth and Claw (1996) 1-3; Logan: Path of the Warlord (1996) 1; Logan: Shadow Society (1996) 1



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