Gimmwitts: Series 1 of 4 - Prince Globond The Future King (PAPERBACK-MODERN version) Melanie Joy Bacon Paul Jeffrey Davids Author
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Series Book 1 (Paperback-Modern Version): Co-Creators Melanie Joy Bacon and Paul Jeffrey Davids proudly present Gimmwitts: Series 1 of 4 - Prince Globond The Future King. Meet Prince Globond of the Gimmwitts and his tutor, a very beautiful flying jewel named Jazarah, who will introduce you to the secret of Dazzalin Fountain, the greatest source of positive energy in the Gimmwitt Universe. Can Jaz figure out why Prince Globond has become so forgetful, irresponsible, sad and even disobedient lately? Or can Globond's father, King Globe, or his mother, Queen Goody, solve that mystery? Perhaps Globond's best friend, Squirm, can help him. But soon there's a bigger mystery: nobody has a clue about what has happened to Jaz when she doesn't return after she sets out on a journey to re-charge her energy in Dazzalin Fountain. Includes character profiles and glossary. Our Motto: Goodness Is Greater! Website:


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