Gimmwitts: Series 3 of 4 - Prince Globond Conquers The Curse (PAPERBACK-MODERN version) Melanie Joy Bacon Paul Jeffrey Davids Author
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Series Book 3 (Paperback-Modern Version): Co-Creators Melanie Joy Bacon and Paul Jeffrey Davids proudly present Gimmwitts: Prince Globond Conquers The Curse. After Glo-Flashing from one Gimmwitt world to another, always on the lookout for Jaz, Globond and his friends Squirm and Snorkel end up on the Gimmwitt world of Gogajumble. What strange Gimmwitts live there! He meets Garbagegutt and a snook (not a snake, but similar) named Keanoneeno, and the noisy Mumbly Junglies, who are always hopping around and mumbling - and then there's the strange parrot-like birds called Addalots, who can multiply, divide, subtract and add... a LOT! Best of all, he meets the beautiful blonde Gimmwitt named Magnifymy, who has a magnifying glass where her stomach should be, and she can use it to reveal many secrets! Can Magnifymy help Globond find Jaz, and why do they end up on the desert world of Gantasand and the watery world of Gunaqua? Includes character profiles and glossary. Our Motto: Goodness Is Greater! Website:


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